Random thoughts of the day

First – Josh Beckett in a manimal! That’s right, manimal, part man part animal. Complete game shutout! Sox 1 game down, 10 more to go to be crowned “World Series Champs!”

Next – How did Stephen Jackson get to be named captain of the Golden State Warriors? ESPN reported the news and I was amazed! What’s next Ron Artest president of the NBA players association? Geesh!

Also – I hope my boy Fedel wins the Tulsa Spotnik Award for Best Christian act. He’s up against…gulp…PILLAR! GO VOTE!


Lastly – I hoping to glean from some bloggers at Catalyst Conference this year. I REALLY want to go next year. Until then, I will live vicariously through some of the bloggers

There, finally, a short blog from me! HA


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