Sometimes you got it…

…and sometimes you don’t. “Got what” you ask? A connection when you communicate. You just seem to know when you’ve made the connection with the audience (you nailed it) and when you don’t make the connection (you blew it). Last night, I felt like I nailed it. It seemed like the message hit home with the listeners and was applicable for them. Not bragging AT ALL, it just feels reassuring to know when you’ve nailed it.

The same goes for music. You know when you’ve nailed the connection while you’re performing and when the crowd is either waiting for the next song or the next act. My favorite time of musical connection was when I did a song with the choir on a Sunday morning at RHEMA Bible Church (to you anti-faith camp people – go ahead and be a good Christian and start your divisive jeering now…are you done yet? Okay, keep reading). We did the song “Shackles” by Mary Mary and the worship leader at the time wanted to infuse some rap with it. So, me being me, I said “sure!” It was awesome! The people – at RHEMA – on a Sunday morning – in September (the beginning of “church season”) connected with it so strong that God just began to move on their hearts something FIERCE! It was one of those services where there was no “preaching.” We kept doing the song, I kept rapping, they did a healing line (with CONFIRMED healings – I knew one of the people that got healed) and did an alter call. That was it! 22 people responded to the alter call! And at a church mostly made up of preachers -that was HUGE!

I get another chance to connect with people using music when I perform on November 9th in Warwick, RI. Rumor has Bishop Paul Morton is supposed to be there that night, too! WHOA! No pressure though. I’m praying that the people putting the event on has a budget so I can bring my band in. I will do it with tracks if I can’t get the band, but its a better show when I can get the LIVE BAND going. Its a bunch of PROFESSIONAL musicians (I mean professional like I’ve seen some of the dudes in the band performing on Jay Leno, Regis and Kelly, etc.) in a band called Last Straw. Dope musicians, I hope we can do it. It’ll be fun! If not, it’ll be fun anyway!

Done with the randomness for now…


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