Wednesday Randomness

– Tonight’s youth service is going to be great! We’re going to do a group wide chat session called “iBlog.” We’re ACTUALLY gonna engage our youth in discussion about a few topics. Some will be questions they ask and others will be questions I ask. The goal is to get them actually thinking through issues concerning their faith AND to discover what the prevailing “world view” is in our setting. Open questions from teens…pray for me!

– The Sox are falling apart! Pray for them!

– Barak Obama and Dick Chaney are distant RELATIVES! The irony

– unChristian is a PHENOM of a book! Unfortunately, while being a little bit more that halfway through it, I left the book at a friends house just north of Boston. (Erica, send me the book PLEASE!!)

– Having trouble focusing at work…hence I am blogging…

– I REALLY can’t wait until the church can afford to bring me in full time. Being bivocational is HARD WORK! But, its the life I chose so I do it.

– I love imeem

– The Office is funny and Heroes is STILL my favorite show on TV

– WHY OH WHY does the former female hip-hop sensational group “Salt-N-Pepa” have their own reality show??? I still don’t know how I feel about them performing at Salt’s church.

– Am I the last person in the blog world who still drinks Dunkin’ Donuts coffee?

– Looking forward to recording music again…soon…hopfully

Oh well, back to work. I’ll post Scriptures That Rocked My World (STRMW) part 2 during my lunch break.


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