If you haven’t heard by now (ahem) THE RED SOX ARE THE 2007 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS! I know there are some in Yankeeland that are grieving today (Mike, I’ll get you a Sox hat for Christmas 😉 ) but all of Red Sox Nation is rejoicing over our 2nd championship this decade. Is the Red Sox Reign beginning? One more in the next 3 years and I would have to say yes!

Congrats to the boys of Beantown! Another ring, another celebration!

And what did they Yankees get? They got A-Rod’s resignation and Joe Girardi. Not that Girardi is a bad manager, but would you pay a guy you think is going to take you into winning a championship $2 mill a year? He’s getting in 3 years what they offered Torre for 1 year! Doesn’t look like winning a title in the next 3 years is on the Yanks mind. BUT in the meantime – BOSTON and DETROIT can duke it out for the titles. This year, I’ll enjoy the Sox!



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