Blogroll hall of fame?

During my daily blog reading, I discovered something fantastic and mind boggling – I was on the Swerve blogroll! I jokingly call Swerve (Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald at LifeChurh) the Starbucks of the ministry blog world. Those guys influence and encourage THOUSANDS of leaders and Christians with their blog. So I went on there today and I was on the rotating blogroll.

Disclaimer: They did a post about a week ago to see who was linking to their blog and if you responded they said they’d put you in their blogroll.

I’m just surprised they actually did it. The small things amuse me, what can I say? But the fact that these guys would use their blog (did I mention they have a HUGE church in Oklahoma AND in online world Second Life?) to point people to other people’s blogs FOR FREE! Great guys over there, they just made me “passionate users” of their blog.

So if you are here from Swerve – welcome! If you haven’t checked them out yet, go check out my “Folks I Dig” section and click on Craig’s link. Their blog and Mike Servello’s blog are two of my favs.


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  1. Mike Said:

    Wow, Im honored! congrats on 7 years of recording…May your next years be the best ever!

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