Aaaaaaaannnd we’re back!

Welcome back folks! Took a blog break during the last few weeks. Glad to be back though. During the break I had a great Thanksgiving – even though my Lions lost on National TV. Good times with family and friends. I am STILL the reigning Scene It champion. If you haven’t played Scene It yet, your are missing out! Didn’t try my hand at Sequence this year but my Dad ran the table, so just as good.

I found myself rapping at the club on the 24th. Its always great to rap about God while people are half drunk and horny. What a dynamic! The band was strong! My dude Jamie was playing the bass and one of Prince’s – yes Prince aka the artist formerly known as aka the artist known again as Prince – drummer was hitting on the drums. Good times. Bringing the gospel where its supposed to go.

My 3 year anniversary with my lovely wife Nichole was GREAT! We had a very low-key celebration this year. We spent the entire day together (yes I took the day off from work) and just hung out together. Then I turned into Chef Boyar-Steve and cooked up a great dinner! I made scallops over pasta with a butter, olive oil and garlic sauce, the BEST lobster I’ve ever eaten (the trick is to season the water you cook it in -WOW!), sauteed spinach and cresaints. We drank sparkling apple cider from the silver glasses we toasted with at our wedding (our annual tradition).

My dude Randy is coming in town this afternoon, I’m excited. He’s one of my closest friends and we haven’t seen each other in like 2 years. Should be good times. He’s coming here to scope out the land, interview for a job and move to the glorious land of Newport, RI.

Got a lot of stuff on my mind, I look forward to sharing soon.


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