The New York Yankroids?

WHOA!!!! I have a few Yankee fan friends and I know a few others that read this blog are also Yankee fans. So allow me to point out some of the things that startle me about the Mitchell Report.

22 current and former Yankees on the list – more than any other team! Some of the usage took place during the “historic” title run of 1998-2000!
Let’s see the title winners on steroids during the title run:
-Denny Neagle
-Roger Clemens
-Chuck Knoblauch
-Jason Grimsley
-Glenallen Hill
-David Justice

These guys were on the juice during the championship years! So how does that sit with you regarding your “Got Titles” talk now? Where’s their asteric? The conversations amongst Red Sox and Yankee fans just got REALLY interesting! So can we even COUNT those titles from 1998-2000? Those were juiced up records and a juiced up title.

Can’t wait for the first Yankee/Sox match up in Fenway next year! And you think Barry Bonds got it bad? WHOA!

*Apparently Andy Pettitte got on it during 2002 to help heal an injury. That’s not all that uncommon so he gets a slight pass from me on that one.


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  1. Joel Said:

    this is wicked off topic, but I just found your blog. I met you at the worship service on thanksgiving. My name is Joel Klampert (worship leader at St. Michael’s Church) . Its great to see another avid blogger. my worship blog is
    Anyway..I just wanted to touch base and maybe arange a time we can get together and talk music, church and youth.

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