Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you out there in blog land! ITs going to be a wonderful year and I look forward to all of us sharing great ideas this year.

For all of you who enjoy listening to music from my music label Sungate Records, allow me to say Happy 200G8! (That’s two thousand GATE! Its going to be a GREAT year for us.)

For my first OFFICIAL announcement of the New Year, I announce that my album will be released April 2008! So, stay tuned for some snippets and exclusives that I’ll release here before I even reveal them on my Myspace.

I look forward to a fantastic year fiscally, physically, mentally and physically.
This year I plan on:

Reading ATLEAST 10 new books (that’s something special for me, last year I think I did 8)
Taking a vacation (didn’t really get one in the last 2 years)
Going skydiving
Doubling the size of our youth ministry
As previously mentioned, releasing my solo debut called “Life Support”

Have a great year, looking forward to this one.


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  1. Joel Said:

    Somehow we missed eachother the other day… I left you a message, but lets try to reschedule…Im looking forward to getting together
    Joel Klampert

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