Jesus vs Culture?

I just started reading Tim Stevens’ book and so far (the introduction) is GREAT! On his blog, there is a fantastic discussion going on about Jesus, the Bible and culture.

This is my favorite topics of discussion. The reason being is because in the urban church, this debate is ongoing in the context of hip-hop. Should we run from culture? Should we be just like the culture? Should we use the culture to reach the lost?

Its especially been a strong debate in the context of musical styles for a long time. Should the church use instruments? Should the church use rock music? Should the church use r&b music? Should the church use rap music?

Now, with churches like Willow Creek, Northpoint, Granger Community Church, Life Church, Fellowship Church, NewSpring, Elevation and others- the debate has increased. These churches use all out cultural references to preach the gospel. Want to do a sermon series about sex, have a series called “Sex in the City” and have each week titled after one of the women in the show. Want to do a series about idolitry? Do a series called “American Idols” – Simon Cowell impersonations included!

Now, before you get judgemental – read here for some Biblical examples I brought up at Tim Stevens’ blog.

So what do you think? Have we become too “worldly” in reaching the world?


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