Pop Goes the Church – DON’T READ IT…

… if you don’t care about reaching the lost. If your church is only concerned about the saved – don’t read this book. If your church is not concerned about fulfilling the marching orders given to us by our Savior via the Great Commission – don’t read this book. If you don’t care that the people in your community are dying and going to hell without ever having heard the truth about the Savior – don’t read this book. If you are happy with your church being an ireelevant relic, hoping that the town’s conservation committee will spare your building by considering it a “landmark” instead of touching the lives of people who are in desperate need – don’t read this book!

This book, ultimately is anthropology for the church. It helps the reader to study the culture of the community to reach that community for Christ.

Before reading the book, I was concerned that the book wouldn’t be cross cultural. While the book is about crossing the culture of the church with the culture of the people it hopes to reach, I wasn’t sure if he would present principles that could translate in urban, suburban, rural or beach communities. Since Newport, RI is kind of a blend of all 4 of those, I was DEFINATELY looking for something I could apply in Newport, RI and not just South Bend, IN. Well, I found them! This book can be used South bend, IN, Detroit, MI, Newport, RI, Tulsa, Oklahoma, from Fargo to Fayetteville and Portland, ME to Portland, OR. Its not something confined to the luxuries of suburban large churches. These are ideas you can use no matter your church’s size or location.

The day you can, preorder it for your entire church staff, youth staff, staff infection what ever staff you have – order it for them!


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