Miracles still happen

Folks, God is MAGNIFICENT!!!

I had a REAL lift of my faith Sunday morning with a true to life miracle. Not like something you see on inspirational TV and then you find out the person was never really healed. No, this is a medically verified miracle.

We have a young lady that goes to our church that was born with a heart defect. Not just any normal heart defect but a MAJOR heart defect. With her heart being enlarged and the numerous holes in her heart, at the age of 25, the doctors said she has the physical heart of an 86 year old.

Well…HAD the heart of an 86 year old.

She joined our church last year and gave it all over to God. We prayed for her healing a few months ago. Meanwhile the doctors scheduled for her to have one of her valves replaced about 1 week and a half ago. She held on to God’s word and continued to believe for her healing. Now, she’s know about God her whole life, but she dedicated her life to him just last year. She’s had her heart issues since birth and even has dealt with cardiac arrest and even cardiac FAILURE.

When it came time for the surgery she kept telling her doctors that she was healed and didn’t need the surgery any more. The doctors told her not to get her hopes up and that they were going to do it “just in case.” Remember the doctors told her she HAS the heart of an 86 year old.

But like I said, she HAD the heart of an 86 year old.

The doctors went in to do the surgery on Jan 15. They cut her open and found that her heart – that had been damaged and getting worse since birth – had been completely healed. No holes, no enlargement, nothing out of the ordinary for a 25 year old female.

Her PHYSICAL heart was made new!! She had been COMPLETELY healed. The doctors were amazed at what they found and the DOCTORS told her “You were right, God DID heal you!” GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!

Normally, stories like this end with a nice little wrap up. All I can say is – GOD IS GOOD!



  1. Given55 Said:

    Absolutely, God is Good.

  2. Mike Said:

    24AWESOME!!! I love it when things like that happen!!!

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