Go visit Mark Schilling

This weekend I got the chance to meet Mark Schilling. (Why does nearly EVERYONE I connect with in ministry names’ start with “M”? Mike, Marco D, Marco P, Maurice and now Mark! Joel K, is the only person in ministry who I’ve linked with in the last few years who’s name doesn’t start with M!)

Anywho, Mark is the youth pastor at Mt Zion Ministries in Utica, NY – home of the Generation Conference. This guy is INTENSE! His passion for God, people and his family is truly remarkable. His vision for his time in youth ministry outstanding. I hope he blogs about his “Maker-Mission-Mate” vision for his time in youth ministry. Its incredible. And he has a passion to reach, disciple and develop young people for a LIFE of Godliness. Most youth pastors I meet just want kids to be good while they have them, he’s thinking about what will happen in their lives 20 years from now. SWEET!

His fashion sense is pretty good too. I mean, he did the announcements and prayer on Sunday morning with camouflage Chuck Taylor’s with a camoflage belt on and khaki’s. He perfectly plays the line of business casual (the adopted Sunday morning American church code. When did we officially decide on that?) and casual dress. Yes, I notice stuff like that – cuz I dig good fashion. Don’t make that face at the computer screen, you notice stuff like that too! I just have the courage to admit it and blog about it!

The dude’s blog is GREAT. Some great insight on his blog. If you like my blog (and you know you do!) link to Mark’s blog. And LEAVE A COMMENT and tell him Steve sent cha.


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  1. Mark Said:

    wow man I’m so humbled. i had a great time getting to get to know you and your wife and can’t wait to see you at the Generation Conference

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