Last Week

Last week was INTENSE! I watched God move something CRAZY last week. As you can see from my previous post, prayer has been a focal point for me lately. I can honestly say I have had a prayer “burden” lately. I’ve heard people say that they have had a “burden” to pray, but I never really knew what that meant. Atleast not until last week.

So I spent a lot of time in prayer about our youth ministry and when Wednesday came -God wasn’t just PRESENT (He’s always present) but that night He was visibly ACTIVE. Some of the kids encountered God’s presence for the first time. WOW!

Then, my friends up at Ground Zero had a benefit concert for 30Hour Famine and asked me to rap up there. Good times. I used some visuals to go along with my songs for extra emphasis. WOW! God really connected with people hearts during the songs. ESPECIALLY during the song I wrote called “After The Pain.” It was exciting stuff. There was a first for me, though. When I went up on stage for a small encore at the end of the night, there were a few kids throwing up the Roc-a-fella sign for me. That was a bit odd, yet I appreciated the sentiment. The Roc is like the new icon of quality hip-hop, so for them to throw the sign up is an honor. its a VERY high form of respect.

Anywho, I watched God show up HUGE there too and people were genuinely connected with God in their worship expression – through hip-hop and rock and roll. It was great. But these guys at Ground Zero SATURATE what they do in prayer. So to see what happened Friday night was not a surprise because God was involved from the beginning.

Good stuff happened this passed week. Hopefully, I’ll have some pics to post up soon.

Were you there either Wednesday or Friday? If so drop me comment.


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  1. jordan Said:

    I was there friday. your right. it was phenominal

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