Lots of Crying

Wow, lots of crying in the last month of our ministry at The Mix. Lots. And its not just the girls. Males and females alike. People have been really touched by God’s presence and His word. And I’m not preaching to make people cry. I’m not praying to move people emotionally to tears. I’m just passionately asking God to move and purposefully preaching His word. And its been waterworks! It literally got to the point where someone asked my wife Nichole, “Am I going to be crying again next week? I don’t cry a lot so this isn’t cool for me. I mean, its fine but will it be something that makes me cry again?”

Last night we did a talk about The Resurrection. The night started with laughter when I killed a Easter Bunny with a giant sword and a pair of scissors. It wasn’t a REAL rabbit, don’t worry. “But why demolish a stuffed toy with a SWORD” you ask? I wanted to demolish the idea of the link between furry rabbits and colored eggs to The Resurrection. in order destroy that mental connection, we destroyed a bunny rabbit and left it up on the stage impaled for all to see. Then we focused the attention to the 8 foot tall cross on stage and put up some stills from “The Passion of the Christ.” Tie in those stills, a 10 minute speech about the sin problem that faces humanity and then read Isaiah 53:1-9 – the waterworks begins! I thought they would stop once we hit the part about the resurrection, but nooooooo. Once we talked about the life changing hope of the resurrection – the dam broke and the waterworks REALLY started!

To all who read this blog, I don’t try to make people cry when I preach. Really, I don’t. But I guess when hurting people and lost people connect with the hope giving message of the gospel and the gentle presence of God, people start crying.

Next 3 weeks is our Sex Talk. Might be more crying. Will be more repenting and hope giving. Guaranteed!


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