Is the process personal?

So, as I’ve mentioned before, our church is going through a major overhaul. Location change, name change, process change – lots of change. Change is a good thing. I dig change. Before we started this change, I started to think about what types of changes we need to make in our youth ministry. I started to picture a youth church that didn’t focus on how “we” do things, but a focus on how things are done. Creating a culture that breeds a long lasting life change, not just something that creates spiritual turn around. You what that is, right? All youth ministries see it. Its the “I’m a Christian in youth group, but after I graduate I’m done.”

So I wanted to build something that gives life lasting impact. Then, I started to read the church all-star resource “Simple Church.” It really confirmed some stuff that I thought about the process of making disciples. But I started to think “Why do limit our processes the church’s role in creating disciples?” We have great church processes, but what about our PERSONAL process for growth? How do our church processes translate into a personal growth process? Better still, do we personally use those processes in our own lives? How do they translate in different stages of our own spiritual development?

These are questions I am having a blast answering and yet feeling convicted at the same time. We have developed a process in our youth ministry and its a process that translates into a personal path for spiritual growth.

So leaders, how do you live out your own church’s process? Or do you have your own?


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  1. Joel Said:

    Steve…dude sorry…been sick and then 7 year old got strep…been nuts…
    I promise its not u…its me. lol
    Ill try to get you tonight if your around…or call me if you are…im home all day

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