The Awakening Conference (part 1)

WHOA!! The Awakening Conference, held in Smithfield, RI, is the best youth conference I’ve attended. I’ve been to some of the said “best” ministry conferences for youth – nothing against them – but this is DEFINATELY the best one going in the NorthEast and maybe the best one in the country (I haven’t been to the Generation Conference yet so the jury is still out.) Either way, its a great conference.

So, we’ll spend the next few posts highlighting the the last few days of my life.

First of all – before we get into the speakers – to see that many young people with their hearts wide open for Christ in RI was a beautiful sight. I don’t know exactly how many but I’d venture to guess around 800. Hearts open and hands high worshiping God with everything in them.

Next, the diversity of the event was incredible. They had musicians that covered the gammut of soul, hip-hop and rock. They had speakers from diverse backgrounds and preaching styles. I mean Chris Hill, Mike Servello, Jr. , 17 year old Jordan Boyce (conference visionary) and Underoath/The Almost star Aaron Gillespie. WHOA! Diverse!

If you were there, I’d love to hear from you. Tomorrow, I’ll cover how awesome the team that lead worship was and how Chris Hill almost made me quit preaching.

Until then,


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