Authority – A hard subject

In today’s landscape, authority is a hard subject to preach. I look forward to challenges like this but God hasn’t released me to teach this as a topic yet. As I’ve been giving some thought to the issue, respect for authority is hard!

Its tough to teach respect for authority when public school teachers as well as some parents degrade and disrespect the youth without a second thought. Its tought to teach it, with hopes of having someone actually following it, when police brutality is so public and people see police abuse their authority all of the time. Its tough to teach when I live in New England under the shadow of Catholic priests abusing their authority to sexually abuse children. When it seems like the under priviliged don’t get a fair shake at justice.

This current generation has seen more footage and images of corrupt leaders, politicians, teachers, police and every authoritative figure in the span of the last 10 years than most anyone else.

Youth (atleast in my community) generally don’t feel respected BY authority – teachers, parents, police or anyone else – so they struggle to have…wait, scratch that…the reject having respect FOR authority.

Its a tough subject, but I’m looking forward to teaching it…as soon as I get the release to do it.

How have some of you other leaders discussed this issue?


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