Just speaking my mind

– If the Celtics win the NBA title (which is what I want since the Pistons can’t have it), Doc Rivers would become only the 3rd African American head coach to win the title. The others Bill Russell and KC Jones…of the Boston Celtics! So the Celtics will be the ONLY franchise to win with African American head coaches.

– Still sick of the poligion – that’s my new word for what’s happening in many churches today: politics + religion = poligion. Did Jesus die for a democratic government or people? Just a thought…

– How come all the mega churches write all the materials about doing church well? What about the 150-400 size churches? Are they not healthy? I mean, how can a church with a $6million a year budget tell me I should be hiring this person, buying this thing or doing that thing when most churches lack the human and financial resources to do what they did? Can the average church REALLY afford to buy 10 Xbox 360’s for the “relevant” youth room?

– Myspace has become real life. Everyone is no longer human, we are all now niches and demographics – just like on Myspace. How many ways can CNN break down the American public into subcategories for voting, movies and whatever else they want me consume? Listening to them break down America sounds like they are ordering from Starbucks.


– I love the fact that our church is moving! Buying this old Episcopal church and merging the old with the new is going to be AWESOME! Plus, the youth ministry FINALLY gets its own space. Minus the Xbox 360’s….

– Do we REALLY need ANOTHER iPhone? Didn’t the first one have terrible coverage? So more things to do, same crappy coverage. Gotta love consumerism.

– Its friggin HOT outside!!

– If art imitates life, Obama’s presidency COULD mean the end of the world. Why? Because in EVERY movie that has a black president, its the end of world. I think Republicans should use that as part of the campain…they’ll probably use this as well as other fear-based tactics to try to win.


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