The Name Change

I was REALLY excited about this weekend. This weekend we announced the new name of the church. We’ve had the name New Beginnings for nearly nine years and the name fit where we were and are, but it doesn’t fit where we are going. So it had been impressed on pastor’s heart a long time ago that a name change was coming.

Well, this weekend it was announced. My friend Randy and I put together a video compiled of pictures and videos showing a history of our church put to the song “God Of This City.” IT WAS AWESOME! People who’ve been at our church for a while seemed to excited by what we’ve done and people new to the church seemed inspired by what happened before they got there. All the while being reminded by the song that “greater things are yet to come!” Very moving.

Then Pastor Steve announced the new name of the church. Its with great privilege that I share with you the new name of the church formerly known as New Beginnings Praise & Worship Center: Crosspoint Church.

We won’t OFFICIALLY change the name until we move into the new building at the end of July.



  1. Joel Said:

    alright man…congrats

  2. LisaRinRI Said:

    Hey Steve. Yeah I thought that was too wild that the Sunday I decide to visit is the same Sunday you all show the “history” video and unveil the new name. As I told Pastor Steve, I’m glad I was a part of it. My 5 years there taught me a lot.

    The link to my blog is on the blogger site linked here so you should be able to find it.

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