Todd Bentley anyone?

So, I’ve heard lots of rumblings about the Lakeland Revival. Maybe you haven’t. That’s not a bad thing if you haven’t heard of it. But, its host Todd Bentley has been on every major media news outlet talking about what “God is doing” in the revivals.

Some have compared what he is doing to the Toronto Revivals. I’m not really sure. I’ve heard some people stand in support of Todd Bentley, I’ve heard some call him a false prophet. I’ve personally tried to not have an opinion about this but…its getting REALLY hard to stay nuetral.

This blog WILL NOT become the home of the anti-Todd Bentley rants. But I would love to hear your thoughts on this video.




  1. Caron Said:

    That interview breaks my heart. As one who suffers from something similar (but not even close to stage 4 cancer) I know how painful this must have been for him.

    Justin Peters ( wrote this on Lakeland:

    He was also interviewed on “Crosstalk” and Way of the Master radio on this. Both are archived.

    He spoke at my church about the WoF movement and comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

    If you go to his site, please watch “demo.”

  2. Brian Becker Said:

    why point out everything wrong – or focus on something wrong? Jesus said if they’re not against us they’re for us. Do I struggle with some of this? Yes. Should he be accountable? Yes (and he is). Here is something I’ve learned from over the years: There is a big difference between Discernment and Discomfort. Jesus did out of the box stuff all the time – but it’s ok because we read about it, but if we were to see biblical stories on video I think we’d struggle more with it.

    I’m not “supporting” this video – but I also am not going to cast judgment on a man because he is vulnerable to mistakes just as you and I are. I hope that makes sense

  3. blondie Said:

    Good point except this guy isn’t Jesus.

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