Simply Sentimental?

I have really been doing some inventory about some of our approaches towards the disciplines of our faith. One that has been on my mind a lot is the discipline of prayer. Looking around the pop-Christian culture (Christian radio, Christian TV, Christian Websites, Christian Toys, Christian Magazines, etc – yes I have concluded that there is a pop-Christian culture. Remember you read it here first) – it seems like we have minimized not the importance of prayer, but the power of it.

Most Christians would view prayer as something that comes along with our faith. Even non-Christians would tell you that. But, it seems like we have demoted prayer to something that is simply sentimental. Even to the point where we say stuff like “Our  thoughts and our prayers are with them.” Our THOUGHTS? A thought is personal, a prayer is powerful. Its like we should pray for people for them to feel good. Or we should pray for circumstances to change so that people know we are with them. Its like a prayer has been the Christian substitute for a hug and pat on the back.

Have you listened to people pray? Its like they don’t think its an important act. They indicate its minimal impact they think it will have by saying “Lord I just pray..” You just pray? You mean like, you merely pray?  That’s what the word just means – like I was just 5 minutes late. 

Is prayer simply an act of sentiment or is it more? Could prayer be communicating with the Creator of all things in order for Him to intervene in history? Could prayer be petitioning the God of all things seen and unseen to act on our behalf for the benefit and accomplishment of FIRST His will as well as ours?

Or is it an act to make people feel comfortable about the tough times so that they know that “God is always there for you?”

Is prayer simply sentimental or is it more?


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