Gen Con is coming…and I’m a little nervous

Okay, so there is only 6 days until Generation Conference. Mike Servello has given me the honor of ministering on the same stage as Benny Perez on Thursday night and then doing an Awakening Conference part Deaux as we share the stage again on Friday night. This event will be the single largest crowd I have ever done as a solo artist. Quite frankly, I’m nervous.

Why? I don’t know. My friend Marco – host of the Awakening Conference and Youth Pastor of GroundZero – assured me that the crowd is receptive and all that but STILL. I’m hoping that the music will really impact some lives those days and help fuel the engine that is rolling there. I’m not trying to do my own thing, just be a part of the ministry and point all glory to God and push all people to follow God and go serve the world. As I type this, I’m calming down. That last thought really helped settle me. Thanks. You’re welcome.

Anywho, Generation is going to get to be the FIRST people to actually purchase the digitally distibuted release “Life Support Vol 1.” Also, as another surprise, they will also get to be the debut of another song from Vol 2! That’s right, Gen Con is getting a double whammy!

Get there if you can!


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