GenCon – Day 1

Okay, so I’m here at Generation Conference in Utica, NY. First off, the set up is DOPE! I’ll post some pics tomorrow. The stage and all that is looking VERY professional.

Its a powerhouse of ministry minds here right now. Seeing Craig Groeschel, Buddy Cremeans, Benny Perez, Aposle C, Mark Schilling, Mike Servello and I think Steven Furtick was hiding out somewhere.

Worship was AWESOME. It was long…and that was a GOOD thing. The musicians are solid and so are he singers but that only is the expression of the heart for worship these people have.

Craig Groeschel brought it! Honestly, Craig could talk about ironing boards and I’d listen. Anywho, he preached about your God given burden and letting it ruin you. POWERFUL STUFF! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s leadership sessions.

We left a few minutes before the end. My brother was exhausted and was almost passing out while he was standing up. If he doesn’t get his sleep, he’s no good. Looking forward to day 2. I’m rhyming during offering tomorrow – doing a new song and I’m extremely excited about it.

See you tomorrow with some pics and update.


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