GenCon – Day 2

Okay, day 2 of the Generation Conference was INCREDIBLE!

While my brother in law Isaiah was at the Auditorium for the main session with Mark Schilling and Apostle C, my wife Nichole and I were in the leadership sessions with Craig Groschel, Mike Servello, Jr. and Steven Furtick.

1st off, I was REALLY looking forward to this session as Groeschel is one of my personal ministry heroes. (When I told him this, he told me “you need to find bigger heroes!” I found that to be a pretty humble response)

 Craig kicks it off talking about 5 things he’s learned being in ministry. Of course he dropped WAAAAAYYYY more than 5 things on us. My Blackberry is still buzzing out of control because I placed this much wisdom in my notes section of the phone. Here’s just a few things from the session:

Remember God will bring the resources (both human and financial) at the right time

Don’t over-estimate God’s short term plan and don’t under-estimate His long term plan.

The small numbers are not your fault. The large numbers are not to credit. Trust God and His plan during both high and low times.

The death statement always begins with “they won’t.” Its not that they won’t, its because you haven’t!

Delegate authority, not just responsibility.

There’s SOOOO much more I could say but this would be a LOOONG entry.

Steven Furtick didn’t really give much “leadership” insight so to speak, he just preached and encouraged. He was honest by saying he didn’t have the experience to share the type of stuff Craig shared – “so I’m just going to encourage you!” He went on to share about increasing your capacity and preached from 2Kings 4. The woman with the oil and the vases during the famine. You know the one. He pointed out that the oil stopped when she ran out of vases, when she ran out of capacity. If she had a higher capacity – she would have had more oil. I honestly zooned out for a while after that because my mind began to travel on that thought. I preached to myself inwardly for about 5 minutes. Then I was back. GREAT session.

Can’t forget about conference host Mike Servello’s session. He talked about God giving us a compass and not a map for minsitry. We’ll get there in different ways, but there are some things we need to always point towards. The 2 things he pointed out were the presence of God and evangelism. There are 3 more and I hope he puts them up on his blog. He’s shared them with me before, but I hope he shares them with everyone.

Okay, I’m done on this part. I’ll recap the afternoon and evening later today. I had a different experience of rapping during offering. That was new…check back later today for the update.


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