GenCon Day 2 (part 2)

So, the afternoon session kept things moving with a great message from Steven Furtick. Really encouraging stuff and the PERFECT speaker to combat the after lunch conference session sleepiness. He’s a phenom of a speaker and he knocked it out of the park.

The expectations were high come the evening service. The people were ready to receive a something from God. Worship was incredible. Me, I was nervous. Why? Because I knew that I had to do a song for offering, that’s why. Now, allow me to explain my style of hip-hop so that you can see why doing a song for offering presented some challenges for me on the surface.

For one, my brand of hip-hop requires your attention because I’m actually speaking to you during the song. Second, I usually ask for your participation in doing the song. Third, I work better feeding off of the crowd and its hard to do that when the closest person to you is about 40 feet away! Noone moves during offering and noone is paying attention because they are figuring out how much money they can give and still money left over for dinner. NOT TO MENTION, I was doing a BRAND NEW song that night –  a chorus I made specifically for the conference.

So, I go up after Mike Servello introduces me. The crowd – unconcerned with guy on stage as they were waiting to see when the bucket is going to reach them. So, I decided to take the time in between the people  waiting for the bucket and actually receiving the bucket to teach them the chorus of this song that I had just written. Sound man then starts the beat – and the song begins.

Try this on for size – a rap song about laying down your life and and giving the glory to God. Yeah, kind of NOT the typical self consuming message of hip hop but that’s what happens when you get a youth pastor to rap. The song went over VERY well as people young and old kept repeating ‘Lay It Down.’ Seeing Jude Fuquier, Buddy Cremeans, Benny Perez and about 1,300 other youth and youth pastors shout about laying it down was a sight to see. ESPECIALLY in upstate NY.

Benny Perez brought the message and it ROCKED the place. I think 85% of the place came down for the alter call for this message.

Okay, that’s all I got in me for this one. Check back for day 3. I released the CD and they decided to do my 20 minute set in place of worship. Powerful!

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