GenCon Day 3

The 3rd and final day of GenCon was a blessing. The day kicked off with the leaders’ session wtih Benny Perez, Apostle C and Jude Fuquier. Benny did a VERY insightful session called “8 Things Your Pastor Needs From You.” His perspective is unique. Currently (and temporarily) he is both the youth pastor AND the senior pastor of the church he planted in Las Vegas, NV. My Blackberry is struggling to handle all of the wisdom shared in these sessions. That’s why my battery isn’t doing so well.

I missed Apostle C’s session trying to make sure that everything with my music was okay before it went on sale that afternoon. Jude’s session was great. He did the same thing he did at the Awakening Conference last year, but it was good and well worth repeating – emphasising the power and need for prayer in our youth churches.

After lunch came the afternoon session. It was kind of cool in the fact that it was Awakening part Deux since I rapped in place of the typical worship set with the Generation Church band (who ROCKED ALL WEEK by the way) and then Mike Servello did the message.

The set went INCREDIBLE! I kicked it off with a fun video intro and went right into “Masses.” Then, I played a video that segwayed into “After The Pain.” From there we transitioned into an a capella singing of “How Great Is Our God.” To see 1,200 young people with their hands held high in worship was amazing. Especially since we doing hip-hop in Utica, NY and people were captivated by the message and the music and it allowed them to flow so easily into worship. Then I played a video testimony of a  young man’s journey to Christ and closed with the song “Hope.”

Then, after the session – the debut of Life Support went on sale. The first run has been dedicated to the change happening in our youth ministry and the cards have the new youth ministry logo on it. (More on that tomorrow) The sales went pretty good. But it wasn’t even the sales that got me, it was the teary eyed, excited young people who came to the table to tell us how much they were blessed and encouraged by the message of the music. And the teary eyed ones were the guys! I don’t do well with autographs but I signed some anyway. That’s always weird for me…

Jude fuquier closed out the conference with a message about BEING the CHURCH! Indescribable without taking another 500 words.

All in all, the conference was great. Some good insights and rapping in upstate NY went waaaaaaaaaaay better than I thought.

Well, I’m off. I have to get prepared to unveil the new name and direction of the youth church to our youth ministry tonight. Pray for me.

AND shoot me a line if you are interested in pruchasing the new music!


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