Stop apologizing!

Doing hip-hop music is a real blessing. Especially for me because I’ve seen my music be widely embraced people who don’t normally listen to hip-hop. When I look at the people who have been purchasing my music, some of the people are 52 year old WOMEN!

Its  encouraging to see hardcore rockers and emo lovers tell me “you music really touched me” or “that song ministered to me.” Whether I’m in the hood, the burbs or the sticks – I’ve seen the music music ministry cross generational, denominational and color lines that some of my contemporaries haven’t been able to cross.

With that said, I feel the need to speak to my more rock influenced listeners and the people who oversee the venues where the rock listeners congregate (i.e. suburban youth pastors). Please, STOP APOLOGIZING! Yes, I know most of the crowd is white and yes I know they may be slightly rhythmically challenged and they don’t know what to do when the music comes on. THAT’S OKAY! They usually catch on…usually. And if they don’t…its still okay. Maybe they can’t move to “Masses” but they can sit and be ministered to by “After The Pain.”

Besides, TRUST ME, when I go the hood and do music – they don’t know what to do either! Most people in the hood are used to dancing in an a way that isn’t necessarily appropriate when we’re doing music that glorifies God. The way you dance to Lil Wayne or Kanye is NOT the same way you move in church.

And if I do a set NOT in a church?! Forget it. People are too confused to even dance. “Did he just say Jesus?”

So please, if you or your people don’t have enough rhythm to look “cool” while listening to and enjoying the music – its okay. Be off beat. I’m convinced people are just so excited they are dancing to the rhythm of the song that’s coming up. So they aren’t off beat, they’re just one song ahead of everyone else. 🙂

Lastly, let me tell you a secret about me…I’m the last of 17 black men with no rhythm! Ask my wife. When we try to dance in our living room – I’m off. When I’m using my hands on stage, its not because I’m trying to look cool – I’m trying to keep the rhythm! LOL!

So please, stop apologizing. They are in GREAT company when they aren’t on beat.



  1. jordanboyce Said:

    That is some needed encouragement right there

  2. cashhollistah Said:

    you’re off-beat?

  3. klampert Said:

    It think thats normal…and hip hop sales are highest with white people adn very rythmically challenged ones. lol. Hip Hop has infused everything. Even rock and I think it is cool all of the musical cross overs. The problem typically isnt style, but that until recently there has been a ton of really bad Christian music in general. It is great to see that the Christian music can be finally on par if not better than the other stuff out there.

    Kudos to you man..You are doing great stuff with a great vibe…And ultimately your music is infused into peoples hearts.

  4. czarthoughts Said:

    Jordan, glad I could be of some encouragement there.

    Cash, I’m off beat in more ways than you know 😉

    Joel, the quality of Christian music is starting to come up. I just hope one of 2 things doesn’t happen on a wide scale.
    1. We stay in the vein of music we are right now and encapsulate the current sound as the REAL sound of Christian music (as we’ve done in the past) and eventually become out of date.
    2. Start saying quality music sounds “worldly.” Sounds odd, but trust me, I’ve seen it more often than I should have.

    Thanks for the comments guys

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