New Youth Ministry Launched!

Last night we put to rest the old identity of the youth ministry formerly known as The Mix. It was morbid and awesome all at the sametime!

Why was it morbid? Because we did an actual funeral for the old identity. The leaders all wore black, we had a makeshift casket and everyone got flowers to put in the casket as a way paying their “last respects.” Our worship leader even sang “Amazing Grace” as we put the flowers in the casket. Some kids got teary! It was morbid, but it was awesome.

Then we discussed some of the history of the youth ministry from its conception to where it is now. After that we launched the new direction where we believe God is bringing us.

We presented it not as a youth group, but a youth church! And not a youth church that’s going to be hidden in the corner of the street singing happy songs about Jesus – but a youth church empowered by the Holy Spirit that lives as a culture. A culture that inspires an entire movement based on 3 basic principles.

When I say culture, I don’t mean color or race or ethnic background or hip-hop or goth or emo or anything like that. When I say culture, I mean the underlying ideas or principle that govern us and push us. Eveery city has a culture. Despite what people look like or their ethnic makeup or their music/fashion expressions – there are ideas and principles that they all hold. For example, if you go to NYC and say you’re a Yankee fan – you’re not going to make too many friends. Its in them. Detroiters have this unique sense of pride about being from Detroit. And don’t you DARE say you are from Detroit and not actually be FROM Detroit. Grand Rapids is not Detroit and a Detroiter will call you out if you try to say they are the same. That Detroit pride is in us. Its our culture – white, black, hispanic or arab – its in us.

Link. Love. Live. Those are the three core principles that will drive us in our youth church from here on out. Link to God, Love people and Live a life that serves the world. Those are our core cultural principles.

The new name – The City.

The excitement amongst our youth is almost tangible. Last night, I think we saw the begining of a movement…


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  1. See you didn’t even need me on that logo, it looks great.

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