95% of Church in US is segregated

I just saw this article on CNN today about the segregation in American churches. According to the article, only 5% of the American churches are integrated. 5%!!!

I’m glad our church is in the 5%.

The thing that I find interesting is that only 95% of the church is segregated, yet so much of youth culture is integrated racially. I’m not saying that Gen Y and millenials are color blind, I am saying that they are less likely to separate over race than generations before them. They still segregate over class and other cultural expressions (emo, hardcore, hip-hop, etc.) and economics  however – just not that much over race.

Do you think this segregation has anything to the church’s ability to reach out to youth culture? Do you think a generation who’s bedrock principle is embracing different experiences will more readily reject 95% of American churches because the church doesn’t appear to have the same principles?

What do you think?


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