We’re going to need a bigger trap!

Yesterday was our first service in our new building. We’re still rennovating but it just wasn’t wise for us to pay a mortgage on the new building AND a lease on the old building. So yesterday marked the official beginning of Crosspoint Church in Newport, RI! (we changed our name when we moved to the new building in case you were wondering)

Not everything was hunkey-dorey though. If it had to be plugged in – it didn’t work well. The temporary sound system we used works great – just in other places. The echo in there was overwhelming. We haven’t put up sound absorbers or installed the EQ yet, so the sound was wierd. The temporary computer wasn’t jiving well with the Easyworship software. Mind you it worked JUST FINE on Saturday. So, with 20 minutes to go before service starts – we decided to out the songs in Powerpoint. Usually, not a terrible option, but with only 20 minutes to format and input 8 songs it went over about as good as a steak salesman at a veggan convention.

So the sound was bad and the visuals for music and the message were bad – but that didn’t stop ANYTHING! People worshipped loudly and passionately. People listened to the message intently. I’m not sure if its because Pastor Steve was bringing it or if it because the echo was so bad you had to pay close attention so that you can understand him – EITHER WAY people were locked in and walked away with some nuggets for life.

Oh, and the building was packed. As we looked the number of chairs we put out and the number of lives that filled those chairs, if we keep this up – we’re going to need a bigger trap!

I smell a second service coming really soon.


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