If you like hip-hop, you need to get this NOW!

I need to make you all aware of an incredible hip-hop compilation that is available. No, not my CD – but info on that coming later today!

A crew from Boston called Antioch Alumni has been gathering emcees from around the world for a project called Cram Session. Here is the vision: 20 different emcees and producers, representing the East Coast, midwest and even the UK, come to a studio for 3 days in one basement just outside of Boston to kick out a Christian hip-hop album for the masses. That’s right – we kick out an album in ONE WEEKEND!

They just released volume 3 of the project and I must say the album is the best one yet! If you aren’t familiar with the series, this is a GREAT introduction to the Cram Sessions series.

I’m on a song called “Sunrise” with the famed Sev Statik and Gideon from Antioch Alumni. Its got SCORES of incredible emcees so go buy it NOW it 3HMP3.com and available on iTunes soon.

3HMP3 is actually featuring “Sunrise” on its homepage (Its the 6th song on the playlist) Check it out and buy it NOW!



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  2. Great write up, everything you said is true!!

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