Want to buy my new music? Here’s how!

Okay, here it is – the announcement you’ve all been waiting for! Here is how YOU can get a copy of my new “CD” – Life Support Vol 1.

I put CD in quotes because its not really a CD. I didn’t press any actual CD’s for 2 main reasons:

1. They cost too much to press and ship

2. All you’re going to do is rip the music from the CD and put it on your computer to either put on another CD with other music or put in your ipod/Zune/mp3 player. So why put you through all of that when you can just buy the music digitally?

So, I’ve gone digital! Without further ado – here’s 2 ways to buy my new music.

1. Buy it from me directly. Come to live event or just call me, email me or message me on this blog and I will send you a card with the artwork and a digital redemption code usable exclusively at Discrevolt.com. There you can download the music and enjoy!

2. You can go here and purchase it directly from the site. Click the “albums” tab, click “buy the album” and you’ll be on your way. You’ll have to create an account on the site, but I’ll be giving away some music in the future and the only way you’ll be able to get it is if you have an account. So creating the account is worth it.

The first 250 copies are dedicated to the new launch of our youth ministry so the artwork is a limited edition run wit “The City” logo on the front. Also, $1 from every purchase of this limited edition run is going to help Benny Perez’s safe house for former prostitutes in Las Vegas. So far, just from the sales at the Generation Conference – we’ve raised $75. We’ve got 175 cards/digital sales to go to reach our goal of $250.

So, get the music and let it minister to you, your church AND help some women get off the streets of Las Vegas and into a life filled with the love and hope of Christ.

BUY IT NOW! Thanks for your support.


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