So I preached this Sunday’s main service…

My pastor decided to take a break from the hard work he’s been doing as Pastor/lead contractor for our building project and asked me to speak for yesterday’s service. I thought it was great for him to do that being that we JUST MOVED IN! But really, I believe it helps the church not just be dependant on him and allows the church to hear other voices.

I preached a message about God’s grace and that we are NEVER going to be good enough to earn salvation. Good works are birthed out of our new birth experience, not to earn the new birth experience.

This was the first time I’ve preached at one of our Sunday services in a year so I was admittedly abit nervous Saturday night. But I leaned on the power of the Holy Spirit and not my wisdom like 1 Cor 2 says and it went well. People seemed to FINALLY get grace. Young and old, people connected with the message. You know the message went well when people were UPSET about the fact that we have temporary audio set-up untill the rennovations are done which keeps us from recording the message. When people are BOTHERED at the fact they can’t get the message on CD, the word of God has connected!

I think I also got a promotion of sorts. For the last 6 years my pastor has always referred to me in church as “Minister Steve.” That actually made things easy because his name is Steve and 2 “Pastor Steve’s” would have been a little confusing. Well, yesterday  he introduced me to the church as “our youth pastor, Pastor Steve Patton.” From Minister to Pastor – is that a promotion? If so, sweet!

So I gues that means the youth will start calling me PS2 or maybe PSP. If so, does that mean I’d have to change the name of the youth ministry to Sony? Just curious…


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