Is the vision contageous?

Last night was an amazing night in for our youth church. Honestly, last week didn’t seem to go too well during anything but the message. But honestly, I think I put waaaaay more trust in myself than the Holy Spirit last week. Last night – the people jumped in and engaged God from pretty much beginning to end. People jumped in to the music portion of the worship. Seeing young people open their hearts to God is always a heart pumper for me!

I preached part 2 of our “Go Big” series – “Love Big” where I asked “how BIG do you love?” And I said “you tell the size of your love by what you can do with your love.” That seemed to shake them. Big love pushes you to do outrageous things; outrageous things like forgiving people.

The most exciting part of the night was the end when we talked about doing some big things in our youth church and having a big reach with our youth church. When we asked who believes we can do these big, never before seen things – the older people who are just returning to us were the ones who believed it!

These people have seen us in the best and worst of times. Yet they, because of what God is pushing us and empowering us to do by His power, believe it the most. They believe we can help people link with God, love people and live a life that serves the world! The vision is becoming contageous.

And that is going to continue to be my prayer for our entire church and our youth church – “Lord thank you for your vision. I pray you continue to make the vision contageous.”


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