A couple people you should check out

Looking for some new stuff for your RSS feeder? Here’s a couple people you should check out.

1st up is Jeff Hamada. Jeff is a graphic design BEAST! He’s done work for EA Sports, recenly just designed some new snow boards for a major company, currently does designs for the clothing line 3sixteen and has even done some work for your’s truly. He designed our youth ministry logo when we were “The Mix.” He’s got a great blog and he has a great talent. And before the legalists come running allow me to answer the question – yes, he is a Christian.

2nd up is Leonce Crump. Leonce is a church leader in Tennessee, former NFLer (that always looks good on a church resume for some reason) and wrestling enthusist. Real wrestling, not WWE or TNA. He also has a great blog with some great thoughts and ideas about ministry. You should check him out, tell him Steve sent cha.

Quick note. So far, JBoyce is the front runner for the free copy of Mark Batterson’s new book Wild Goose Chase and a free copy of my new music release “Life Support Vol 1.” Anyone else want to throw there name in the hat? Drawing will be held tomorrow.


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