Join the “Wild Goose Chase”

I got my advanced copy of Mark Batterson’s new book “Wild Goose Chase” and was asked to give a review of the book. But, before I go any further, you need to know that this is NOT an exhaustive critique nor is it an exhaustive review. If I were to blog about EVERYTHING this book hit me with, I’d have to write my own book. So, in order to not violate the rules of blogging, I’ll do my best to keep this short (well, as short as I can.)

First off, I need to confess something. I did not like Mark Batterson’s first book “In A Pit With A Lion On A Snowy Day.” I can’t fully explain why I didn’t like his first book. I love reading his blog regularly; I’m amazed at his leadership insights; I thoroughly enjoy and am encouraged by the story of his church, National Community Church.; “In A  Pit…” came HIGHLY recommended by a friend of mine. Everything was in place for me to like it…but I didn’t. “Wild Goose Chase” on the other hand is a book I 100% recommend.

WGC ignited me, inspired me, challenged me, pushed me and flat out changed me. The Celtic Christians had a word for the Holy Spirit: “the Wild Goose.” It points to the unpredictability of what its like to follow the Holy Spirit. WGC is a book about chasing after God’s will adventurously. Yes, I said it – adventurously. I know “adventure” isn’t a word usually associated with Christianity, but living a life going after God’s will by faith is nothing short of an adventure. Batterson did a GREAT reminding us all of that. He not only reminds us of the adventure, but also gives some ways for each of us to break free from the “cages” that keep us back. Fantastic metaphor.

Don’t mistake this book for motivational mumbo-jumbo hidden in Christian subtext. Its not. The book doesn’t have you and me at the center of it. It truly has God and His call and His mission squarely as the central character of his writing. This isn’t Mark Batterson doing his best Zig Ziglar impression. Its his own voice in his own unique conversational style.

I won’t steal any of Mark Batterson’s thunder by quoting the “best” parts of the book. Do yourself a favor, go buy the book and find what your favorite lines are. Trust me, there will be LOTS of them! Buy the book or make a comment on my blog by 5pm and be put in the drawing to receive a free copy. Get the book and chase the “wild goose.”



  1. Sharon Spriester Said:

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for taking the time to give an enthusiastic review. I would love to read this book — am I too late for the drawing?

    God bless you,

    ~ Sharon

  2. czarthoughts Said:

    Hi Sharon,
    You are not too late for the drawing at all. Entries will be accepted until 4:59pm today.

    Thanks for coming by the blog. Stick around, make yourself at home.

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