How do YOU bridge the gap?

Do you remember Johnny Carson’s “The Great Carnac” routine? What about Matlock, remember that show? Oh, what about 21 Jump Street – the launching pad of Johnny Dep, remember that? Do you remember when you got your first Word Processor? Do you remember when you were cool because you knew about dialing *69 on your phone and your friends didn’t? Or what about the first time you got caller ID? Wasn’t that INCREDIBLE! I remember sitting by phone waiting for someone to call just so I could see it work.

Remember pagers? I remember a time when the people who had pagers were doctors and drug dealers. Do you remember life BEFORE the internet? Or what about having to do research using encyclopedias instead just hoping on Google, remember that?

I remember when 8bit graphics were the thing to have, when the Gameboy came out and screen was the wretched spinach green color – and we LIKED IT and call waiting meant waiting for the person to get off of the phone because everytime you called there was a busy signal. I remember when it was important to know the Dewey Decimal System.

I remember when Kurt Cobain died. I remember when Cartoon Network aired for the first time.  I remember the first USA olympic Dream Team. I remember David Karesh. I remember the Oklahoma City bombing. I remember when I got my first pair of Patrick Ewing shoes! I remember watching new episodes of The Cosby Show. I remember the first episode of The Simpson’s. I remember new episodes of Married With Children. In fact, I remember watching the Fox channel and wondering if it was going to survive as a network! I remember the scandles of Clarence Thomas and Bill Clinton. I remember the FIRST World Trade Center attack. I remember when Michael Jackson was an attractive black male (not the ugly white “thing” he is now). I remember ALF, Amen, The Facts of Life, Martin and 227.

Do you remember these things? If you’re in youth ministry – you probably do. And if you’re in youth ministry, the people you minister do not. Most of the people we minister to as youth pastors were born after the year 1990. In fact, the biggest group of people in your youth church were probably born between 1993 and 1995. They don’t remember life before cell phones, playstation and the internet.

For them, music you danced to at your prom is “old school.” Don’t believe me? Turn to your local pop music radio station at noon for the “Lunchtime Rewind” and that’ll prove it. For them Donkey Kong is unplayable, Gameboy’s aren’t viewable and MC Hammer is just the guy from the insurance company commercial during the Superbowl. Janet Jackson is only the lady with the wardrobe malfunction and most didn’t even know she is Michael Jackson’s sister. And they all want to know “Who is that guy who sang with Beyonce a few years back at the Grammy’s named ‘Prince’?”

The events and people that shaped us are historical footnotes to the people we minister to on a weekly basis. So, how do YOU bridge the gap? I know what I do, but what do you do to bridge the gap? Do you personally even try?


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