The “Healer” story is a LIE! NOOOOO!!!!

I’m NOT trying to be “that guy” but I have personally never been settled with the story of the international Christian hit song “The Healer.” I tried watching the story and video on line and I never can get through it. I always asked myself – “What if this is a fake? What if this guy is lying?”

Well, come to find out -HE IS LYING!

Check out this article.

I know this song has been an inspiration to Christians the world over. What does this story do for you? Does it invalidate the inspiration? Does it anger you?

Personally, I’m PISSED! God doesn’t need your lie to further his purpose. He’s good all by Himself and has healed MILLIONS of people LEGITIMATELY to not need this foolishness.

Sound off…what do you think?

***btw, I tried to find the song on Youtube and Hillsong pulled it for “copyright” reasons. Yeah, more like false statements



  1. Alastair Vance Said:

    Don’t know what to say… except ‘why’ ?

    It’s still a good song though… not sure what this will do for it’s popularity.

  2. czarthoughts Said:

    This might KILL the popularity of the song. Nothing pushes a song like a unique story and the validity of the story is crushed.

    i have and additional thought that JUST hit me. How does this now differ from a secular artist singing or writing a Gospel song?

  3. Jordan b Said:

    yea man, same here. I could never get through the youtube videos- tho i never in my wildest imagination thought the guy was lying.
    This crap makes me legitimately angry.

  4. klampert Said:

    pretty wild stuff … I still have more thoughts on this though 🙂 stay tuned

  5. Leonce Said:

    What we need to remember in all of this is that he truly is sick…just not physically. I am angry and out raged. I almost planned a sermon series around this song and story, BUT, we still need to pray for God to be his healer (no pun intended) because whatever is broken inside that has caused him to do this needs healing as much or more than his body if he’d had cancer.

  6. charlie Said:

    To be BETRAYED is in no doubt one of the worst feelings to experience, especially when the the person who is doing the betraying is close to you.
    Look at JESUS, he was betratyed to death and his betrayal was motivated by monetry gains. sure enough Mike will have to answere for his actions as did Judas, however it is the deception that takes root befor the betrayal gives fruit. This is why my christian friends, don’t kid yourselves into thinking that you have got it together. never look to man and think he is infallable, for as you can see you too will be greatly disillusioned as so the many thousands who looked to Mike.

    so in all of this, turn your eyes upon Jesus, he will never let you down!

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