The “Healer” Lie – The Aftermath

The Healer controversy is shaking up worship and youth ministry communities across the globe. Now, apparently Mike G. is being ordered to appear before the cops to explain what happened to all of the money that was raised for him. This rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper.

But here’s a better question, what will the aftermath of this be? Given the blackeyes the evangelical community has taken in recent weeks with Todd Bentley leaving his wife and ministry and now this situation, what will the fallout be? How should the church at large respond?  Should the church at large respond at all? Should it be handled by his family, parents and pastors?

Are we going too easy on him? Where does the church draw the line between John 8:6-11 and 1st Corinthians 5:5?

My question for the Body is not a question of forgiveness because I don’t think we should harbor anything in that regard. Christ died for us and forgave us, so ought to forgive others.

A bigger issue that the church needs to be prepared for is the fact that the people who were influenced by this song may have some very, very negative reflexes from this. How do we counsel them? I’m not worried about Mike G. because he seems to have enough good people around him to help restore him, just like scripture suggests. But how do we deal with the reaction to this type of deceit? Do we sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen? Do we say “but the song is still awesome”? Do we say “I know you have been deceived by someone and your trust has been violated and on behalf of my brother in Christ – I’m sorry”?


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  1. klampert Said:

    good thoughts…i don’t know who around me or you needs counsel about this, but i get what you are saying.

    yes it is still an awesome song written by a broked vessel just like us.

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