Live Big

This month, in our youth church I’ve been leading a series called “Go Big.” The 3 things we honed in on during this series are:

Week 1: Pray Big

Week 2: Love Big

Week 3: Live Big

This past week was part 3 and I must admit, it was the most encouraging, inspiring and challenging message I’ve done. It wasn’t as “motivational” so to speak as the first 2 weeks, but it was definitely the most hard hitting. 

I asked the question “How would you live if you knew God had called you and was with you?” I heard a near unanimous “wow, that’s deep!” This question took on a whole new meaning for me before I preached this message.

Last Sunday, we had the main missionary we support and one of my pastor’s mentors Dr. George Kutty pay us a visit. My pastor being the gracious mentee, gave him a few minutes to speak after service. These few minutes would be earth shaking for me. While talking about his missionary work to India – where he has a Bible college and a vision to plant 10,000 churches in South Asia – he mentioned that his next trip is going to be in the hostile environment of Yemen. WHOA! He said some people were worried for him and his safety on this trip. And after he said that, his next statement rocked me to my core. He said:

I’m not worried about Yemen. I fully expected to be martyred on my last trip to India, so I know God still has more for me to do.

He said he EXPECTED TO BE MARTYRED! And he went anyway! He willing packed his bags and went on a trip to India EXPECTING to die. WHAT?!?! He didn’t say he was thinking it may happen, he said he FULLY EXPECTED IT! And he STILL willing packed his suitcases and bought a plane ticket.

This brings a brand new meaning to the question “How would you live if knew God had called you and was with you?”

So think about that question, read this and this. After doing that, do what I believe I’m pushing myself to do more and what I believe Dr. Kutty is doing – LIVE BIG.


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  1. Leonce Said:

    Man…that cuts me to the core

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