Teens respond to the Palin Pregnancy

CBS worked to get some responses from people regarding the Palin Pregnancy the media world is buzzing about. This post isn’t looking for YOUR response to it. There are PLENTY of blogs and messageboard forums covering it.

The thing I find striking is the YOUTH response in this video. As a youth pastor these type of responses intrigue me. Check it out. What do youth think about the response of the youth in this video? What about the response of your own children or youth in your church? 

Check it out and sound off.

*notice the kid with the blunt in his hat. HE has an opinion about the morality of the situation.



  1. jordan b Said:

    I feel so bad for her daughter. She has to go through something that is incredibly hard just on its own…and she has a bunch of hypocrites hammering her. My heart really goes to that girl.

  2. mservello Said:

    Propaganda and Hypocrisy… While it is truely unfortunate… In this “don’t judge world” all of a sudden people are finding their morality and what defines the morality, that she got pregnant and they didnt? Are all those girls in that video virgins? All of a sudden liberals are losing their compassion? I’d like to know why?

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