Let’s Discuss it – Abortion

Okay folks, let’s discuss it! Every 4 years it becomes a HOT topic of conversation around America so I’ve decided to open a place to discuss it right here.


What do you think? Is there EVER a time when abortion is okay? I’ll give a few REAL examples of people I know and you tell me what YOU believe their response should have been. Again these aren’t hypothetical situations. These are REAL cases from people I PERSONALLY know. The names have been removed.

Case #1. I young lady I know was raped. Not date raped. Not “I said yes then changed my mind” but raped by someone she knew. The end result – pregnancy. Should she have carried through with the pregnancy and have a living reminder of that horrible event and deal with the psychological effects of having to live with that man’s seed inside her for 9 months carry through with the excrutiating pain of giving birth? Or should she have an abortion?

Case #2. A young woman with a history of troubling health issues sleeps with an old boyfriend at the party and gets pregnant. Due to her health issues, the doctor tells her she won’t survive the pregnancy. Later test show that if she carries through the pregnancy, neither her OR the baby will survive birth. Should she continue with the pregnancy and hope the doctors are wrong? Should she continue with the pregnancy and accept the responsibility of her actions that will cost her her life as well as the life of the unborn? Or should she abort the pregnancy?

Case #3. A married couple had been trying for YEARS to get pregnant with no results. Finally after years of vitamins, trips to the doctor and cold underwear – they get pregnant. One problem – the baby’s brain isn’t properly developed. In fact, tests show that the left and right hemispheres will never connect because of a pocket of water in between the two. The child will have a lifetime of surgeries, pain, under development, may never walk, and will never come close to a normal life and the prospect of a long life is nill. Doctors say MAYBE the child will make it to 20 and those 20 years will be miserable. The parents will struggle and statistics show the marriage will likely end in divorce. Should they terminate the pregnancy or take their chances at healing?

Tell me your thoughts.



  1. mservello Said:

    HI Steve,

    You asked me to read this article but for me, and I have to say I have never been in this situation, Every Scenerio puts the person in the place of GOD. I know a few people who have had diagnosis’ from doctors that have been WRONG. One of our former pastors was told his son would be born with Cerebral Palsey …He was born perfectly healthy and jut got married 2 weeks ago. As far as the other scenerio, what about adoption?


  2. czarthoughts Said:

    Thanks Mike.
    These are the people I think of when I consider the notion of a COMPLETE ban of abortion.

    In scenario #1, the young lady couldn’t deal with the idea of carrying that burden around for 9 months, especially considering the fact she was only 14 years old. She had an abortion

    In scenario #2 – this was after weeks of stuff from the doctors. She had already been gravely ill prior to the pregnancy. So when the doctors told her noone would survive- neither the mom or the baby – she had an abortion.

    The flipside of this same scenario, I know a woman who was pregnant and the doctors told her that the baby would live but she would not survive the birth. At birth, she ALMOST died but God saw her through. The woman lived to a long life.

    Scenario #3. The couple decided to believe God and have the baby anyway. The doctors were right. The baby has had an inordinate amount of health problems, surgeries, deformaties, etc. The child’s brain literally hasn’t come together. They had the baby and their marriage has suffered. They decided to have the baby but if you were in the same situation and you asked their advice on what you should do, you might not necessarily like their answer. Or better yet, you might not get an answer.

    The way Roe V Wade is written is TERRIBLE and the commentary from the justices who support it is even worse. Absolutely shameful stuff. But what about rape, incest and medical emergency? Should those instances be the exception?

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