What do you do when you think EVERYONE is full of it?

This will be one of my last politically based blogs. I’m actually just writing this blog to get the thought off of my chest. But I figured if I’m going to get the thought off of my chest, I might as well share with you and hear your thoughts on it too.

After watching the interviews and the speeches and the conventions and the rallies and the political spin doctors at MSNBC (waaaay left) and Fox (waaaay right), I’ve come to one conclusion: EVERYONE is full of it! When I say everyone, I mean everyone involved in this political race for president. Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin are ALL full of it. They are full of rhetoric and propaganda and they are using their campaign managers and PR people to spin the information to fit their slant. I mean EVERYONE is saying the other one is wrong about the same thing.

The thing that set me off was as I watched most of the speeches, I noticed all of the major candidates said something that was blatantly NOT TRUE. I heard Obama do it, I heard McCain do it and I heard Palin do it. I can’t say I heard Biden say something that was flat out false, but that SURELY didn’t mean it didn’t happen. In the follow up responses from the opposite party, you heard words like “patently” and “categorically” to discribe the untruths told by the other party’s representatives. But when 38 million people watch your speech, but only 800,000 saw the defense of the other person – it doesn’t matter that it wasn’t true. Why? Because relatively no one heard the rebutal. So guess what? In the eyes of John Q Public, the statement was true. But in REALITY it wasn’t. And we’re being told that we should base our votes on these people’s words, but yet the words aren’t true.

Then, on top of all that, I never get to hear a candidate’s REAL opinion on anything. The only thing I hear is what the polls say. The polls say something and the parties respond. The polls said Obama better for economy and McCain better for Commander in Chief.  So what did we hear? From Obama you heard how he can be the best commander in Chief – even though that was not part of his campaign strategy – and you heard what McCain would do for the economy even though that’s not part of his campaign and a known weak point for him.  The polls said they thought Clinton represented more of the same and they thought McCain is just like Bush. What did you hear from them? Obama picks Biden and McCain says the word “maverick” 13 times in his speech and talks about – FOR THE FIRST TIME – that he is the candidate of change. Change wasn’t even his platform or his opinion. In fact, he argued against the “change” strategy from the very beginning. Now all of a sudden he’s the change candidate. McCain’s not jiving with evangelicals, what does he do? He gets Palin – a woman he barely even KNEW! He’s been in Washington for 30 years and he pulls out a candidate with 2 REAL years of experience? Obama seen as a Muslim extremist and not supportive of Israel. What does he do? Meets in some of the most Jewish communities in the country and takes a trip to Israel. That wasn’t his campaign strategy at the beginning. He even said that what happened with the brief war was BOTH of their faults. First the war is your fault and now we support you 100%. You don’t even know what these guys think or believe anymore.

So I asked myself the question: What do you do when you think EVERYONE is full of it?

For me, I’ll stay away from ALL the pundits and one on one interviews and all the expose pieces, and I’ll wait for the debates. HOPEFULLY they just discuss the ISSUES. But even then, I’m sure I’ll hear from more people that sincerely want to lead the strongest country in the world – but are sincerly full of it.


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