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You’re not a Christian? THAT’S AWESOME!!

Every week in our youth church, we try to capture as much as information as possible from our attendees. Last night, we didn’t have a regular service. Instead we just had a cookout. This is not something I normally do because I believe that our Wednesday night services should be used to focus on our “Link to God” aspect of our mission. But, this time when the idea was presented by members of the team, I felt compelled to run with it.

It drew out people we hadn’t seen in months and people we had never seen before. It was GREAT. But, my favorite part of the night is when I looked at the information sheets we had people fill out. On the sheet, we ask “do you consider yourself a Christian?” Why do we ask? So we can get some kind of gauge as to how we are doing to reach the lost. Surely some people answer the question causually and just say yes because they aren’t any other religion. But some answer honestly.

Last night I saw my FAVORITE answer to that question on the sheet. Some people answered “No.” SWEEEET! You’re not a Christian? THAT’S AWESOME!!

Why is that awesome? Because it shows us where the Great Commission can be acted out in our setting. It shows us where the chance for the ultimate miracle can be done right in front of us. It gives evangelism a new face every week. It gives another opportunity for the angels in heaven to rejoice after the person realizes the realness of God and what Christ did for them. It gives them the chance to encounter the love of God and the love of His people. Plus, it shows us we’re not just a gathering place for church kids to feel safe, but a place where unchurched people can come and safely hear a dangerous message.

So when I see people coming in that aren’t Christians, I get excited because I believe God can reach them and at some point someone will ask them if they are a Christian and one day they will say “Yes.” Not because they come to our youth service with other Christians, but because they’ve dedicated their lives to Christ personally. And that’s awesome.