So, new segment called “Head-lines”. Its a segment where I just rattle off different stuff in my head.

Read and be confused.

– I’m really happy about celebrating my 4 year wedding anniversary with my lovely wife. Most bloggers say their wives are hot, but mine REALLY is.

– Thanksgiving was DEFINITELY different with mom being in the hospital this year.

– I’m actually NOT looking forward to Christmas this year. So just know that if I write a cynical post about the way we celebrate Christmas – you’ll know the heart of the matter.

– I’m REALLY digging Anthony Evan’s CD called “The Bridge”. FINALLY someone puts a slightly urban flair on worship music without making it sound like Pentacostal black church hymns or like Swizz Beats production. Good stuff!

– One of my youth leaders is blogging! Aaron Hampton is blogging about his experience being a victor of cancer and his current surgery. Check him out you will DEFINITELY be encoraged!

– I think I blog for the wrong reasons. Most people blog to express their voice, I write to find mine.

– I am slightly envious of full-time youth pastors. Being bi-vocational sucks sometimes…most times…95% of the time…maybe more. At the sametime, I’m grateful for my job. God has and will continue to provide.

– I’m a little closer to overcoming my lack of confidence and tapping into something I’ve been avoiding for a while. My wife has started to push me on this a little more too -and I never even mentioned it to her. What is it? Writing worship music.

Lots more but I’ll stop there.


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  1. mattlegere Said:

    Hey Steve – great to connect with you. God is and is going to continue to rock this New England region with His love and presence. Very encouraged to hear about the testimony for your mother-in-law. As the Kingdom of God continues to increase in dominion, the impossible is going to start looking more and more logical. Just had a guy healed of brain cancer through prayer a few weeks ago. Don’t you get the sense that this is just the tip of the iceberg? God bless – stay in touch!
    ~~ Matt Legere
    Connections Pastor @ Haven of Hope

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