Let’s pray for each other

I really need your prayers for a few things coming up. Really. Not like typical church jargon “pray for me brother”. I mean I need your effectual, fervent prayers.

1. I’m facing a BIG decision to finally do something that I’ve been hoping to see the Church do for years. Its one thing to want to SEE revolution and its another to actually strap up and do it. I love the opportunity – it excites me and frightens me at the same time. I need prayer to hear God clearly on HOW to do it effectively.

2. I’m launching into writing worship-type music. SOOOOOOOOOO far outside of my comfort zone but not outside of my skill set. Pray that I write the songs that are in me.

3. Its time to PUSH the first album I did (have you bought it yet?) and record some NEW MUSIC I’ve been working on. Need prayer for the doors to open and for me to be able to take advantage of those opportunities.

4. For my mom-in-law’s full recovery. She’s home and rehabbing spectacularly. Talking, laughing and her mind is sharp. Pray for her FULL recovery and for her peace. Her current limitations are aggravating to her right now so pray for her peace and joy.

So those are the major things. How can I pray for you?



  1. mservello Said:

    Merry Christmas Steve!

    Love you guys. We will continue our prayers for you and your family.

    Have a great 09.


  2. jordanboyce Said:

    Now this- is a good blog. Youve got my (actual) prayers.

  3. Leonce Crump II Said:

    I am praying for you bro. Whatever this endeavor is that you are about to launch into, if God has given you peace, jump, and watch Him work. It is an amazing sight to see.

    Side note, would you consider a move to ATL?

  4. czarthoughts Said:

    HA! Funny, that is the ONE place I called myself to minister. Then God jumped in and ruined my plans by saying RI is the place. I love it here and even though it gets a little tough – I’m convinced that this is where God’s called me to be. I’d love to visit though 😉

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