Who said what now?

Who said what now? Anybody who has been around me for the past 7 or so years knows that “who said what now?” has become my default phrase for many things. It could mean “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, please repeat yourself.” Or it could mean “Uuuuhhh, did anybody actually think about that before the decision was made?” It could mean “I think you just said something mind numbingly stupid. Say it one more time just so that I’m clear…”

Despite my all encompassing meaning of the phrase, I actually want to ask this question with words meaning exactly what they mean: Who said what now? Allow me to explain.

I spend a lot of time with people of the faith and I often hear sentences that begin with “God said…” Nothing wrong with that. I just DETEST it when people use their “God said” as the main selling point for THEIR OWN IDEAS! Then, amazingly – in an almost schizophrenic way – when the idea changes or completely fails altogether and there is a new, subsequently different plan the first begins with “God said.” But wait, I thought God said the EXACT opposite thing just 3 weeks ago? Either God is crazy, you are crazy OR you have an idea that you think is really good but all of the details aren’t in place and you don’t have the balls to just say “Its my idea and I think its a really good one.” Who said what now?

People, just own the idea! Did “God say?” Dunno honestly. Do you think its a good idea that doesn’t violate any of the spiritual principles He has laid out for us in scripture? Yes? Then just own it!!! It is perfectly okay to think like they did in 1st Samuel 14:6 and say “Perhaps the Lord will act on our behalf.” Do I need to even get into the scriptures in Ezekiel where it actually says “Don’t say ‘God says”? 

God gave you a great brain, great skill, awesome creativity and a sense of discernment. Its perfectly okay for you to do something without the sky cracking a Jesus telling you. Just own it. Maybe God told you. Maybe He didn’t but it would be AWESOME if you did it anyway. Maybe a better opportunity opened up and it would be advantageous without being against His will for you to hop on that opportunity. Maybe its all your own idea and perhaps the Lord will act on your behalf. Just own it. 

Then you won’t look so crazy and you can stop lying on God when you change your mind. Man up. Woman up. Own up to it and OWN YOUR DECISION. Then “perhaps the Lord will act on your behalf.”

(And no I don’t think God said to write this post…)


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  1. Darcene Said:

    That is sooo so true! Lol

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