Head-lines on the Super Bowl

Here are some of my head-lines (remember, lines from my head) about the Super Bowl.

– We had about 50 guys from our church there watching the game. We watched it on the 52″ LCD we use as a screen during youth church. It was awesome!

– Being one of about 3 people in room of 50 routing for the Steelers was AWESOME! I mainly picked them because Pittsburg LB Larry Foote and I were in the same youth church when I got saved in high school.  Oh, and because EVERYBODY ELSE in the room picked Arizona. Gotta keep it fun, right?

– I don’t actually have much to say about the commercials. I only remember the “Chrystal Ball” commercial and the commercials for the GI Joe, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Fast and Furious (I only remember it because the teenagers got REALLY excited) and Land of the Lost movies.

– The overturned touchdown was some FANTASTIC officiating. I hated the call, but they got it right.

– The 100 pick-6 by Harrison was INCREDIBLE! That man is HUGE and he ran 100 yards off a pick in Super Bowl. That had never been done before. I guess that’s why he was Defensive Player of the Year.

– Not a Bruce Springstein fan. I never got it…

– WHY IS MATT MILLEN GIVING HALFTIME ANALYSIS??? HE ORCHESTRATED THE WORST FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE! 0-16?!?! WHY DOES HE GET TO GIVE HIS OPINION DURING THE SUPERBOWL????? I don’t want to hear ANYTHING he has to say about football! Not how the game is being called, not how the uniforms look, not even if he thinks a cheerleader is cute! I don’t want to hear ANYTHING he has to say. John Madden already says the OBVIOUS stuff that happens during the game so we shouldn’t hear ANYTHING from Matt Millen. After creating the WORST team in football history, he should be banned from football for 2 years. The only way he should come back to football is if they let Michael Vick back in the league! Both of them are guilty of cruel and inhumane treatment. Vick did it to dogs, Millen did it to us Lions fans!

– That was the best fourth quarter of a Super Bowl in a LONG time!

– I didn’t know how long I could take the “Steve, you look like Mike Tomlin” comments or the “what’s the call coach?” Sigh….

– Congrats Steelers! Tomlin became the youngest coach to win a SB title. AND he’s Tony Dungy protege…gotta love that!


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