Grand re-opening and BIG announcement

So, here we are – the return of Czar Thoughts aka Collision Course. Why bring it back? 1. Because “Its Messy” isn’t the best platform for the stuff I want to share. “Its Messy” is still alive but only selective content will go there.

2. Because I want to make an announcement right here and I figured that this was a great place to do.

3. Cuz I felt like it!

On a serious note, I know Saturday I was BLOWING UP everyone’s Twitter feed with a conversation between me, @LionsandLiars and @DMWalking about my consideration of retiring from doing rap music. And today I’m making my official announcement: I’m going to do ONE more album. Even though @Thriceborn doesn’t believe I will only do ONE more, its true.

Why do one more album? Here are the 3 main reasons I’m going to do this last one:

1. to get this last bit of stuff off of my heart and in to music

2. I don’t want the last bit of creativity in the form of rap to die inside me. I’d rather let it live in infamy than to rest with me in the grave

3. my wife convinced me that I’ve been at it too long to not complete what I started

So there you have it. One more for the road. I’m working with some awesome people to make this happen and to make sure I go out with a bang.

Check back here for more musings on life, ministry, leadership, music and more.

Oh, and if you haven’t gotten my other solo release ‘ “Life Support EP” download it right here for FREE for the next 7 days!!! Looking forward to the wild ride ahead.

Dowload “Life Support EP” NOW!!!



  1. Mark my words…

  2. dmwalking Said:

    LOL, yeah, I did most of the BLOWING UP! LOL. I’m a post this link on my twitter for you.

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