It’s time to put on for my city!

“I put on for my city!” Okay…really, I don’t like that song much. But I do like the sentiment. Doing what I do with my city constantly in mind.

But a lot of times I feel the need to talk to my city. Share my heart with them. Share the pain I feel for them. Share the joy I have for them. Share my dream for them. A dream I believe is rooted in what God has put in me to do to serve them.

But like most bloggers, I try to talk to everyone BUT my city. I try to talk to other emcees, other ministers, frustrated Christians…yada yada yada. I still want to talk to them too because there’s some stuff that I want to say that my city won’t always connect with. But I need to talk to my city more.

So, with that said my blog will be 70-80% directed to the city of Newport, RI and the surrounding areas. This probably means that most you won’t be reading my blog anymore. Which is bittersweet because some of you I met via blogging. But its sweet because my highest blog traffic has been on my opinion on some controversial stuff and I never wanted to become a TMZ of the faith. And since most of my city knows nothing about the goofy culture of evangelicalism, I won’t be posting too much here about that kind of stuff.

So if you’ll be sticking around anyway to see what’s happening in the Kingdom on this little cul de sac of society called Newport, I look forward to seeing you here. If you wont be reading here anymore, hit me up on Twitter @stevenpatton

So cue up the Jeezy/Kanye beat because its time to put on for my city – on, on for my city!


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